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Sasuga Menu

Omakase 980++
(Only Lunch)

Omakase 1,600++

Sasuga Omakase 2,900++
(Warayaki Sasuga Sashimi)

Autumn Omakase 4,200++
(Warayaki Sasuga Sashimi)

7% tax and 10% service charge aren't included

A la carte

a la carte

In addition to sushi, we also serve a la carte dishes in our courses.
We purchase seasonal ingredients from Japan and try our best to make them available in Bangkok.



We sometimes serve tempura on our menu as well.
We hope you will try our tempura, a typical Japanese dish.


nigiri technique

Our typical menu is sushi.
Try the sushi of Mr. Kobayashi, who has many years of experience.
You will be able to taste a different technique from other restaurants.



Sushi is one of the most popular dishes in Japan.
This dish consists of fresh ingredients on a bed of rice and vinegar called "shari".
Enjoy a variety of combinations of ingredients and shari



Preparation is the key to Japanese cuisine.
You can enjoy not only sushi with raw food on top, but also a fusion of stewed food prepared the day before and sushi.
It is possible to taste a lot of Japanese seasonings!


fusion of culture

Sushi and sashimi are cultural cuisines of Japan, but at Sushi Saga, you can enjoy a fusion of other cultures as well.
You can enjoy new sushi fused with truffles, foie gras, fish sauce, and other dishes from different countries.
Come and try it!

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